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In case anyone's interested, I didn't die. I just split my efforts between this place and my horror blog (though lately that effort has been a little one-sided). So if you're interested in horror and want to follow what I write about when I'm not writing crime, make sure to check out "Shotgun Soldier". Also, I hope to get the ball rollin' on this site soon. Stay tuned!

Self Promo Plug

Disclaimer: Another shameless self-promotion post.

Got a new story up at The Flash Fiction Offensive, "Fruitcakes, Wood Chippers and Mincemeat Pie". There's a Christmas theme running through December on the site and a considerable amount of talent spinning out some great and gritty tales to amp up that holiday cheer you're suppose to be working on, so check 'em out. At the very least it'll give you a great excuse to ignore your in-laws at the dinner table in a few days.


Seasons Greetings...

...Not really. I hate this fuckin' holiday.

I just wanted to welcome you all to the "new" place. There's been a few changes here since I last updated. Sadly my own computer continues to be out of commission so I'll be using a relative's for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately this little setback has put a damper on my writing and posting efficiency but I'm working on getting things set back into motion. Bare with me.

Just wanted to mention a few quick things in this post. The first is that I've been struggling to find direction with this blog for some time. It (as well as I) have been so damn scatterbrained lately that I really had no real idea just what to do with it. But I think I've finally found it.


Surprise, surprise. How fucking obvious, right? I write it and study it academically so why the hell not. True crime. Strange crimes. Crime novels and movies. Crime detection and forensics. Flash-fiction crime stories and the lot. As stated, I'm majoring in criminal justice so as I progress and learn in the field I hope to share some of my knowledge with you in addition to maintaining a platform for my own fiction and writing.

Second off, I posted a new story here titled "Shotgun Scars"  which was inspired by true events. And lastly I just sent out a new holiday piece to the FFO. With as little reading as I've been doing online lately, I've fallen embarrassingly behind on keeping up with their site but if you haven't checked them out lately, their material never fails to impress.

'Til next time, enjoy the spiked eggnog everyone.

Noir Nation

Hey, noir nerds. If you ain't seen this place before, it looks promising. Give it a look. 

Check This Post

Make sure to check out this excellent video interview with Elmore Leonard and his tips on writing up at "Dead End Follies". As stated in the post, the video quality isn't the best but the vid is worth the watch. Also, it's kind of fun to take note of Leonard's writing space. I always felt like a bit of a nerd for decorating my space like that too until now. Unless it was all just a set. In which case I guess I am a nerd.

Shamless Self Promotion

I'm a little late playing catch-up (internet's been on a bitch-trip) but check out my latest story here: Boom.